4 reasons to start searching for a new job

jobsSometimes we need an excuse to start job hunting again and finding a new opportunity that will make us happy. However, what will drive us to start the search now? You may think that down sizing, unexpected lay offs, or your company shutting down is an inevitable excuse to start searching again.  Sometimes, instead of thinking you have to, you say to your self, ‘I want to make a fresh new start to something better.’

Here are our top 4 reasons to start searching now:

You’ve Stopped Enjoying your Job

No matter what changed, when you dread going to work in the morning, it’s time to leave your job. There is no reason to carry a frown with you at work. You are not productive if you are not enjoying the environment.

You are Under Paid

Although you agreed to the pay grade when you started this job, after a while (months or years), you may think that your new skills and talents are not in par with what you are getting paid still. Putting loyalty aside, it’s time to start searching for something better.

Too much Stress

If your stressful job is taking a toll on your physical well-being, we think it is time for a change. The sooner, the better. Also, if your co-workers are not pulling their weight and not actively contributing to advance the company, it is time to search for a new environment where work is designated equally, and everyone knows their boundaries, work assignments and overall vision of advancement of the company.

No Career Advancement

Some of us are ambitious and want to advance in our career in order to use our innovative talents to contribute to the company’s bigger picture. Unfortunately, some companies want to keep you where you are because:

  1. they don’t want to pay you more.
  2. they want workers that just do the assigned job and not contribute new ideas to higher ups and alter the company’s pre-thought of visions.
  3. they will not pay for career improvement courses or train you in new technologies.


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